This program will fascinate the parents of twins particularly because Mike Poff and his wife Pam are raising quads plus three more children.  If we ever thought our hands were full, we must wonder how Mike and Pam balance farming, jobs, and children.  Mike is going to provide an inside view of his wonderful life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  How do the children manage?  What roles do they play?  What do the quads think about their special status?  How do the quads interrelate?  Does every child have a horse and a dog or does everyone share?  How do the mom and dad coordinate their activities?  Who makes what decisions?  How do they handle conflict and discipline?  How wild and crazy can life be?  What keeps them strong?  Tune in and find out how the Poff family works!  Mike is our special guest, father, and author.  Follow him on his blogs!  He is a member of the Linked In Twins group along with Dr. Mercy. Bio: Mike Poff is a Virginia at-home-father of quadruplets plus three and gentleman farmer. He and his wife Pam, seven children, eight horses, six cats, nine dogs and a smattering of cattle live an interesting, full and blessed life near the Crest of the Blue Ridge. Mike is a freelance writer ever spreading the rants, raves and insights of an at home dad of quads. Mike has a Bachelors Degree in Theology and Associates in Radio & TV Production. He worked for several years in the Roanoke VA media market for WVFT TV27, WBRA Public TV and WFIR/WPVR Radio. Mike has recently written for several magazines and newspapers all in his quest to encourage others in their faith, family and relational lives in general. Twins, Most, The Father Life and Prodigal Magazines have all carried Mike’s work.