Denise and Deanne live on opposite coasts, Denise in New York and Deanne in California. Has this geographic separation taken a toll on their twinship?  One twin was extroverted and sought the companionship of her peers; the other was closer to the family and sought approval there.  They were close in their younger years and supported each other in hard times.  How did they find themselves so far apart in adulthood?  What forces and factors shaped each twin?  How are they alike and different?  How do they communicate now in maturity?  Do they still think of each other as identical twins and how do they express this bond?  This twinship is a fascinating story of twins with primarily non-shared experiences. Their genes, aptitudes, intelligence, and interests are very similar, yet they have lived in two very different worlds both familiar to them from childhood.  Hear them discuss the choices they have made as women and identical twins.