Program description: Bob Davidson discovered in adulthood that he was born a twin.  His aunt revealed to him late in her life that his twin brother was relatively undeveloped and thus stillborn.  The brother was not named.  This family secret came as a revelation because Bob had always wanted a brother and at times had been sure that he did have a brother somehow somewhere. He did have two younger sisters and befriended many men throughout his life to fill this empty space of brotherhood.  Listen to Bob reflect on his lifetime from the perspective of 70 years of age, looking back on some of the most fascinating changes in society and in his own concept of the meaning of life.  He will discuss the experience of lost twinship, being raised as a singleton and only later discovering his true identity as a twin.  Raymond Brandt the founder of Twinless Twins believes in twin bonding in utero.  Bob will shed light on his missing pieces.

Bio:  Bob Davidson is now 70 years of age and only learned in late adulthood that he was born a twin.  He was born in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, and raised there with two younger sisters.  After high school, he joined the Navy and flew as a navigator.  Later he worked towards his own pilot license and still meets with other men who are also ‘high flyers.’  Bob married and had six sons. He worked throughout New York City as an iron worker and was eventually injured.  He retired and now runs a farm in Duchess County, New York and a citrus grove here in SW Florida.  He met Dr. Mercy through a mutual friend and they were immediately attracted spiritually and emotionally as twins.