Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom lived a handsome kind and a beautiful queen who longed for fulfillment. Their wishes were granted with the arrival of perfect twin daughters who looked exactly alike. The twins grew up smart and outgoing. Everywhere they went the people in the kingdom said ‘look at the miraculous twins.’ The twins knew that together they were the most powerful force in the entire kingdom because they were two, which is more than one. The twins were always together dressed alike and they were beloved by their parents.

As the twins got older they began to manifest different personalities. One twin was more outgoing and loved to take risks for excitement. The other twin was quieter and more studious. They had many suitors and some times they switched places because noone in the kingdom could tell them apart.

The quieter twin married a young man who was jealous of her sister. He tried over and over to convince her that she was the good twin and her sister was the bad twin. The twin named ‘bad’ was very sad. The twin named ‘good; followed her husband everywhere because she had given him all her power. She followed him onto a small plane in bad weather and she was killed in an accident on the side of a small mountain. Her husband found other princesses in other kingdoms and lived to a ripe old age.

The ‘bad’ twin was left being bad and all the kingdom mourned the good twin, so sad that the bad twin was the only ‘one’ left. The bad twin became very very bad because she believed the people that she was bad. She wandered alone through dark forests for many years, rejected in all the towns. No one accepted her grief. No one accepted her love. Her tears flowed profusely and watered the small green plants in the forest. She befriended the foxes and tamed them.

Gradually she began to see the world through new eyes. And she traveled into her own Self searching for integration and recognizing her wholeness. She found the lost pieces of her soul in deeper realms of darkness and she no longer feared the shadows. She saw the narrative of her life as a story and she began to rewrite the script. She named herself ‘the Good Twin’ and ‘Mercy’ and she began to tell her own Truth.

She forever after stayed in the solitude of the forest which was her true home. People came to visit her who were seeking solace and the wisdom she had found on the journey of her long life. She lives there today with an open heart and an open mind. You can find her within your own Self.