In 1984, February 24th, I Pamela sat straight up in my bed at 5 a.m. Within an hour of the phone call, two officers knocked on the door.

Wayne my twin brother had been killed, shot dead by his buddy, an alcoholic, Vietnam Vet who lived in the basement of his mother country home. He had shot and killed him, because he had a flashback. I have forgiven him; he knew not what he had done.

My life since then has been empty deep within. Perhaps in different mates over the years I have sought out someone to subliminally replace him. I still knew I was a twin, but no longer had one. In 1998 I discovered Twinless Twins Support Group International and was most blessed to be able to spend time with Raymond Brandt, founder of the group. Over the years past, I have lived in Southwest Florida for 12 years on the Gulf coast. Three years ago, I found myself moving back to Maryland to care for my mother and step father. In my spare time I ride and break horses and have a booth at the local antique mall. I often wish that Wayne could be here to help and of course think of him daily.