Dr. Susan Mehrtens, President of the Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences in Waterbury, Vermont, has been reading astrological charts and teaching the art and science of astrology to learners such as Dr. Mercy for many years.  She uses the Jungian approach to astrology in which the soul chooses its journey in the moment and place of birth.  Dr. Carl Jung studied and revitalized the ancient sciences of astrology and alchemy, and Dr. Mehrtens has also returned to the original sources in Medieval History.  She will discuss the astrological methods that she has adopted and apply them to the study of the astrological charts of twins.  These charts may reveal a deeper meaning of the decisions of twins to make a life journey together and become ‘separated at earth.’  Dr. Mehrtens will describe the similarities and differences in the charts, touching on the significance of the readings for twins in general.