Dolores Nick (74), grandmother of three sets of twins, will describe her experiences. In her words, ‘the identical boy twins Skyler and Spender (18) dress the same everyday. The boys elected to share a college dorm room and want to marry twins. The identical girl twins prefer to dress differently. Sierra and Savana (12), best friends, have been through a lot of medical problems. Sierra is a three time cancer survivor, first diagnosed at three and again at five and six, now cancer free. For both sets of twins, it’s never “I” it’s always “We;” there is sharing, no personal space, and always someone to play with and talk to. Shane and Shyanne, 10-month fraternal twins, are different as night and day.  They were “womb mates” and little else is the same. They don’t interact much with each other, as of yet, but seem to look for each other if one is sleeping and the other is awake.  Shane was supposed to be the “vanishing twin”……but never vanished.  It’s truly a remarkable miracle that he is here.’