Bio: Don and his identical twin brother Ronnie were born in Charleston, South Carolina, the youngest two sons of four brothers.  Their mother was raised in poverty and worked in the textile mills.  Later during World War II she worked in a munitions factory. Their father was a fighter pilot in the 8th Army during the war and flew numerous missions in Europe before being shot down over Italy near the end of the hostilities.  He was a prisoner of war until the Allies liberated Italy.  Don and Ronnie played in the cotton fields while their mother worked and later themselves worked in the fields of the southern farms.  They stayed with their father until his death from congestive hearth failure several years ago and then Ronnie died at 55 three years ago.  Don is finding his way back to life after a near death experience himself.  He has reunited with his brother’s ex-wife Theresa who is helping him regain his will to live.

Program description:  Don has been resurrected from despair and near death.  He and Dr. Mercy met each other at Twinless Twins Support Group International during the 2009 annual conference in Denver.  They have since realized that they were destined to meet and create a deeply meaningful relationship as twins are here on this planet to do.  His love for his twin brother Ronnie ran wide and deep and he almost followed him into death and the afterlife.  Theresa’s loving care for both twins since the age of 15 brought him back to life on earth.  She found him near death in a hospital where his older brothers had abandoned him to die.  If Theresa can get away from her job responsibilities as an engineer, she will join us briefly on the show to discuss her experiences with these extraordinary twins.  Sometimes love IS enough.