Diane is the grandmother of fraternal girl twins who are barely two months old.  This miracle pregnancy of her 24-year old daughter came as a marvelous surprise.  The twins were born healthy and named Lila and Nikita.  Diane has been instrumental in their care since the beginning; she has put her heart and soul into the health and well-being of the twins and their parents.  The father is a Navy Seal and expert sniper who spent several tours in Iraq.   This young family is struggling to care for the infants and make financial ends meet.  The grandmother has provided respite care for the beautiful twins whenever the mom and dad needed some time to relax.  She will discuss her role in this evolving situation and some of her feelings.  Dr. Mercy has done natal charts for the two twins and will discuss her findings with the grandmother during the show.  The natal chart according to Dr. Carl Jung reflects the soul’s intention for this lifetime and may provide some insight into the destiny of these two tiny girls.

Biography:  Diane is descended from Hungarian royalty and danced with several ballet companies when younger.  Her outer beauty reflects a powerful inner spirit and determination to live an extraordinary life.  Diane has raised four children from two marriages, one boy and three girls.  Two of her daughters have lost their lives: one to a drug overdose and the other to a rare disease.  These two daughters are still very deeply missed.  She is now married to a third husband who adores her and has helped her family in every way possible during the year since their marriage.  She is thrilled with the newly born twin granddaughters and has expressed that there may be a synchronicity between two grandgirls born and two daughters deceased.