Tina Jenicek is a perfect example of a busy single mom with twins.  Her twins are fraternal, a boy and girl 10 years old, attending day camp and learning everything they can at this marvelous age of industry and growth.  We are all wondering if their genetic material and life experiences favor similarities or differences in personality, intelligence, and aptitude. Tina will describe her experiences with the twins from conception through elementary school.  Our conversation will feature questions about the relationship between the twins, her closeness with each, the dominance and birth order myths, school placement, managing competition, ’best friends’, balancing work and home as a single mom, and all the questions that you have always wanted to ask about raising boy/girl twins.  Tina also chairs the Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins in her spare time!  She will discuss their services and supports for moms and dads of multiples.  Call in with your questions to 1-866-613-1612.