YOU CAN ONLY MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION ONCE; THE GANZ TWINS MAKE IT TWICE. Lisa and Debbie Ganz are extremely passionate about twins and multiples and on Twin Talk they expect to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and also ENTERTAIN the Twins/Multiple listeners with Twinergy, the energy created by twins. These twins are TWINS FOR A LIVING or TWINPRENEURS who have dedicated their lives to helping twins. Over the last 15 years they have met over 100,000 sets of twins/multiples worldwide and continue to meet more daily. With their many businesses, crazy fun personalities, and stories about the people they recruit for reality TV…there is never a dull moment.  If Dr. Mercy can get a question in the mix, she will ask them about their lives growing up, their introduction into show business and the crazy world of NYC, their personal lives, their frequent travels to twin events such as Twinsburg, and their future plans.