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Margery Runyan, PhD

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Dr. Mercy interviews experts in the field of twins, twins themselves, other multiples, families of multiples, and experts in twin studies and families from all over the country. Search your favorite topics or simply start from the beginning. These recordings are educational to those interested in all things twin related. There are 70 episodes to choose from and discounts available for multiple purchases. Enjoy!

  • Cheryl and Meryl, female identical twins, are guesting on Twin Talk to provide all the details on the 2011 ITA conference taking place over Labor Day weekend in Branson, Missouri, the capital of western music.  At the conference, twins dress alike and enjoy their twinship thoroughly as do the spouses and children who accompany them. Cheryl and Meryl also have a message for twins. ‘We have to tell other twins to love each other and appreciate each other.  We never know, and you could lose your twin at any time.  We would just say enjoy your twinship.  Twins want to tell the world that we're different, but we're who we are and who we're meant to be.’ Cheryl and Meryl, identical twins, were born in Raleigh, NC on October 11.  They have no other brothers or sisters.  They live together.  They both have bachelor's degrees - were roommates in college.  They are both born-again Christians - Baptist by religion.  They believe that they were born twins because it was God's special assignment for them.  They are each other's gift from God.  These twins are very active in the International Twins Association and value their twinship from the heart of their hearts.
  • Dr. Mercy met Karen on Pine Island in SW Florida and fell in love with her strong spirit and work...
  • In 1984, February 24th, I Pamela sat straight up in my bed at 5 a.m. Within an hour of the phone call, two officers knocked on the door. Wayne my twin brother had been killed, shot dead by his buddy, an alcoholic, Vietnam Vet who lived in the basement of his mother country home. He had shot and killed him, because he had a flashback. I have forgiven him; he knew not what he had done. My life since then has been empty deep within. Perhaps in different mates over the years I have sought out someone to subliminally replace him. I still knew I was a twin, but no longer had one. In 1998 I discovered Twinless Twins Support Group International and was most blessed to be able to spend time with Raymond Brandt, founder of the group. Over the years past, I have lived in Southwest Florida for 12 years on the Gulf coast. Three years ago, I found myself moving back to Maryland to care for my mother and step father. In my spare time I ride and break horses and have a booth at the local antique mall. I often wish that Wayne could be here to help and of course think of him daily.
  • Dr. Mercy broadcasts her last Twin Talk show on World Talk Radio, reviewing her past guests and her own presentations over the year and a half that the show has been carried on World Talk Radio.  She mentions guests such as clinicians Dr. Jane Greer and Dr. Barbara Klein, physicians Dr. Kari Nardeau and Dr. Diane Powell, parapsychologists Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Guy Playfair, dream expert Dr. Bob Van de Castle, twin moms with NOMOTC, and her own sister and mother. The twin sets who have guested are also memorable: Ana and Isa with The Power of Two movie, Sonya and Tonya facing cancer, Cheryl and Meryl, the Clark triplets, Lee and Jesse, Brenda and Linda; the twin sets seem to multiply! Dr. Mercy’s own presentations on numerology, astrology, dreams, synchronicity, symbolism, and twin myths fascinated the listeners.  She discusses her future plans and contacts. Bio: Dr. Mercy has been broadcasting Twin Talk weekly on Friday mornings since World Talk Radio recruited her and helped her create the show.  The show was live on air from April of 2010 through August of 2011 when Dr. Mercy decided to try different activities such as writing e-books on twins, traveling in Europe, living in Paris and forming a psychotherapy group in Aztec, New Mexico.  Her partner George Lane at 78 needs her attention, as do the Florida and Colorado homes. Twincerely, Dr. Mercy, broadcasting to twins and those who love us
  • Sally has been there and done that!  She was married with identical twin boys, divorced with the same twins as teens, and now living alone with her pets while the twins as young adults attend college together.  Sally will tell us how she fared within her various life styles and stages, how she mothered the twins during the phases of their development, how the twins helped her during the divorce, and how she is adjusting to life without them.  She will discuss how she has grown and matured as a mother of twins, as a woman, and as an individual.  If you are parenting twins, you will want to hear about Sally’s highs and lows, her successes and defeats, and her ways of coping during the stages of her full and fulfilling life.
  • This show will explore the actual experiences of two female identical twins during childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  Lee and Jesse will relate stories from their early lives illustrating their alikeness and differences, their comfort with other children, their position in the family, and the advantages and disadvantages of twinship.  They will also answer the questions: 1. How is it different to be the first born or the second born? 2. How do you see yourselves as different from each other? 3. How do your parents see you as different from each other? 4. How did you relate to each other in School? 5. What did you share?  Friends?  Belongings? 6. Did you have some secrets from each other and from the world? 7. How did your sister influence your career? 8. How did your twinship affect your view of health and wellness?
  • Dr. Mercy will discuss the experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences on cognition and affect, research recently published by Daryl Bem. Daryl J Bem is a social psychologist and emeritus professor at Cornell University. He received his PhD in 1964 from the University of Michigan and taught there before going on to join the faculty at Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard, and Cornell. He had a distinguished career in psychology, then turned his attention to parapsychology; the self-perception theory of attitude formation and change has been named after him, and he was invited to co-author one of the core international psychology textbooks, known by generations of students as ‘Hilgard and Atkinson’.
  • Denise and Deanne live on opposite coasts, Denise in New York and Deanne in California. Has this geographic separation taken a toll on their twinship?  One twin was extroverted and sought the companionship of her peers; the other was closer to the family and sought approval there.  They were close in their younger years and supported each other in hard times.  How did they find themselves so far apart in adulthood?  What forces and factors shaped each twin?  How are they alike and different?  How do they communicate now in maturity?  Do they still think of each other as identical twins and how do they express this bond?  This twinship is a fascinating story of twins with primarily non-shared experiences. Their genes, aptitudes, intelligence, and interests are very similar, yet they have lived in two very different worlds both familiar to them from childhood.  Hear them discuss the choices they have made as women and identical twins.
  • Dolores Nick (74), grandmother of three sets of twins, will describe her experiences. In her words, ‘the identical boy twins Skyler and Spender (18) dress the same everyday. The boys elected to share a college dorm room and want to marry twins. The identical girl twins prefer to dress differently. Sierra and Savana (12), best friends, have been through a lot of medical problems. Sierra is a three time cancer survivor, first diagnosed at three and again at five and six, now cancer free. For both sets of twins, it's never "I" it's always "We;" there is sharing, no personal space, and always someone to play with and talk to. Shane and Shyanne, 10-month fraternal twins, are different as night and day.  They were "womb mates" and little else is the same. They don't interact much with each other, as of yet, but seem to look for each other if one is sleeping and the other is awake.  Shane was supposed to be the "vanishing twin"......but never vanished.  It's truly a remarkable miracle that he is here.’
  • Dr. Mercy and her guests will explore the topic of life stages and discuss whether twins have rites of passage that differ from singles.  The road of life is littered with surprising events when we know that nothing about us will ever be the same and seminal moments when we know that we must go forward because there is no turning back.  These benchmarks on the journey can be marked by rituals, holidays, chance meetings, life-long friendships, marriages, divorces, hospitalizations, incarcerations, spiritual awakenings, growth spurts, rituals, graduations, certificates, and deaths.  Are these states of transformation and maturation experienced in the same way by singles as by twins?  Do the same types of events precipitate change?  Is there an added complexity in the life stages of twins?  Tune in to hear the discussion. Biographies: Don is still visiting Dr. Mercy in Bokeelia, Florida, and he will return to the show for this episode.  He lost his twin Ronnie three years ago and then came very near death himself.  He believes that he has been given another chance at life.
  • Bio: Don and his identical twin brother Ronnie were born in Charleston, South Carolina, the youngest two sons of four brothers.  Their mother was raised in poverty and worked in the textile mills.  Later during World War II she worked in a munitions factory. Their father was a fighter pilot in the 8th Army during the war and flew numerous missions in Europe before being shot down over Italy near the end of the hostilities.  He was a prisoner of war until the Allies liberated Italy.  Don and Ronnie played in the cotton fields while their mother worked and later themselves worked in the fields of the southern farms.  They stayed with their father until his death from congestive hearth failure several years ago and then Ronnie died at 55 three years ago.  Don is finding his way back to life after a near death experience himself.  He has reunited with his brother’s ex-wife Theresa who is helping him regain his will to live. Program description:  Don has been resurrected from despair and near death.  He and Dr. Mercy met each other at Twinless Twins Support Group International during the 2009 annual conference in Denver.  They have since realized that they were destined to meet and create a deeply meaningful relationship as twins are here on this planet to do.  His love for his twin brother Ronnie ran wide and deep and he almost followed him into death and the afterlife.  Theresa’s loving care for both twins since the age of 15 brought him back to life on earth.  She found him near death in a hospital where his older brothers had abandoned him to die.  If Theresa can get away from her job responsibilities as an engineer, she will join us briefly on the show to discuss her experiences with these extraordinary twins.  Sometimes love IS enough.
  • Dr. Mercy is going to talk about her life as a twin and share her experiences with her twin  sister Malinda.   We have no special guests except those twins out in the universe who want to participate.  We may discuss spiritual awakenings, depths of despair, and ordinary memories of twinship.


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